ESIgen - Privacy Policy

By using this free service, you agree to upload research data to the webserver. We won't use this data for any other means than rendering the results report. We don't collect any other data, nor store cookies ourselves. We do user Google Analytics services to obtain anonymous reports on the usage of this online tool, which can result in useful data for to obtain public funding for our research group, InsiliChem.

All files are stored for one hour maximum. Then, they are permanently removed from the webserver. Take in mind that the automatically generated random URL for your upload is public, so you can share it with more people during that hour. While a malicious user could try to brute-force access your files this way, its success is non-feasible in such a small amount of time. That said, if you are seriously concerned about the privacy of your data, consider downloading the source code (available here) so you can run this same service locally in your own computer.